Lucens Color


Nicoletta, 27, natural base 5 (medium brown) with 30% of white hair and golden highlights on the mid-shafts. Her need is to cover white hair and tone the highlights harmonizing them with the base colour.

Shade 5.0 is perfect for her, in a touch-up application mode.

Daring changes

Ilaria, 24, natural base 6 (dark blond), with highlighted, dull and faded mid-shaft and ends. Ilaria wants a radical change, which gives personality and a new light to the hair.

Shade 7.4 (Coppery) is the right choice for her, in harmonic contrast to her Renaissance facial features and porcelain skin.

Timeless blonde

Elisa, 28, natural base 7 (blond), old highlights on the lengths, facing her first white hair that she doesn’t really want to see. She would like to lighten the base colour as well, but she’s afraid of a lack of coverage or contrasting shades on root and lengths.

Shade 9.0 (very light blond) is ideal for providing her with an intense and even blond, with bright golden reflections that enhance the green of her eyes.

Lucens Styling & Finishing

Smoothing Fluid

Lucrezia, 23, long and dyed hair, difficult to untangle. She usually blow-dries it with brushing, sometimes straight, sometimes slightly wavy, but the mid-shafts and ends always tend to get a little frizzy.

Smoothing Fluid perfectly suits her. Applied before styling, it makes hair easier to style and protects it, reducing static electricity during brushing and leaving it soft and shiny.

Styling Mousse 

Flavia 21, a cloud of rebellious curls, she loves to air- or diffuser dry. She wants less frizzy and more defined curls, but she doesn’t want to give up the wonderful feeling of dipping her hands in a soft cloud.

Modeling Mousse is the answer for her. Applied before drying, it keeps curls well-defined, while reducing the frizz effect, for soft and all-natural curls.

Emollient Wax

Minette, 25, short and bleached hair, very frizzy and rebellious. Washing it often, she doesn’t want to waste time in styling, and she doesn’t love any sticky effect.

Emollient Wax is the ideal product for her. Applied after drying, it allows to shape short and tousled looks, counteracting the frizz effect and providing nutrition and protection to the hair. Highly compatible with the hair structure, it’s completely absorbed in a while and leaves no residue at all.