Lucens Umbria

Organic and Vegan hair care

LUCENS products are characterised by:

The gentleness of their formulations
The use of organic oils and extracts
The absence of animal-origin and GMO-derived ingredients
Their fresh fragrances consisting solely of essential oil blends
The assurance and transparency provided by the ICEA certifications

LUCENS: the light that reveals the colour

LUCENS expresses the ever-present connection between light and colour by providing vibrant and intense tones that are full of light.

An all-natural light that enhances hair colour and beauty.

Umbria, the green heart of Italy

Within the green heart of Italy, there is a continuous succession of picturesque medieval mountain-top villages, green hills, fertile river valleys and dense woods.

In this enchanting landscape, where time seems to stand still, ancient herbal medicine traditions are still alive and we have drawn upon them to formulate Lucens products: extracts and essences derived from medicinal plants, native to Central Italy and grown in accordance with organic farming techniques.

Quality, safety and the environment

The manufacturing plant, located in the province of Perugia, has ISO-certified quality, safety and environmental management systems.

Clean energy and protection of resources

Our manufacturing plant only uses clean energy from renewable resources, offsetting all CO2 emissions from natural gas through voluntary adhesion to the Kyoto protocol.


The plant is equipped with a water purification system that makes it possible to reduce waste and avoid the use of unsustainable chemical products.


Energy-efficient LED lighting is used and hybrids have been chosen as company cars.


In the offices, only recycled paper is used and preference is given to FSC-certified paper for marketing communication.

The LUCENS product range is certified by the ICEA

(Ethical and Environmental Certification Institute)


All the products of the range


Shampoos and Treatments


Styling and Finishing